TECO 65th Anniversary

Transformation Drives Competitiveness



Significant milestones over 65 years of development at TECO, chronicled according to Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction, Intelligence, and Automation.



Having proposed visions of Energy Conservation, Emissions Reduction, Intelligence, and Automation on its 60th anniversary, for the past 5 years, TECO not only achieved 20% of emissions reduction ahead of schedule, taking our place in the renewable energy industry, becoming a provider for e-vehicle powertrain system, winning onshore substation EPC contracts for offshore wind farms, customizing the energy storage system, realizing the green energy commitment, and moving step by step towards becoming a provider of smart machinery and automated solutions.



TECO 65th looks to the future focusing on core technology development, digital technology shall be applied to take on business opportunities in Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy, and Smart City. In sync with global trend, we move towards sustainable operation.