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Chung Li Plant (I) (Small Motor plant)

Established: 1979
Shop Floor Area: 22,700 sq. meter

Main Products:
Single phase motors: 1/4 ~ 10HP
3 phase motors: 1/4 ~ 100HP
Rolled steel motors: 1/12 ~ 30HP
Appliance motor: 1/4 ~ 3HP

Full line of production for cast iron frame motors
Motors comply with CNS, JIS, AS, BS, IEC, NEMA, MEPS, IEEE, JEM standards.
(Our performance test laboratory received the US "NVLAP" certificate.)
Special purpose motors & OEM targeted motors.
Low Noise, Low vibration, High efficiency, Durability

Calibration Laboratories:

Established in 1961, our Dimensional and Electricity Calibration Laboratories are accredited by the Council of Chinese National Laboratory Accreditation Committee. Customer specified requirements are welcome.

The Calibration Items Available:
Dimensional Calibration Laboratory: Gauge Block, Vernier Caliper, Outside Micrometer and Dial Indicator.
Electricity Calibration Laboratory: AC & DC volt ampere meters.

11 An-Tung Rd., Chung-Li Industrial District,
Tao-Yuan County, Taiwan.
Phone: 886-3-452-5101
Fax: 886-3-452-5113

Chung Li Plant I
Chung Li Plant II
Foundry Plant
Technology Development

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