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TECO Electric & Machery (Pte) Ltd.

Established: 1972
Shop Floor Area : 8,636 square meter

Main Products:
3 Phase squirrel cage induction motor: ? HP ~ 250HP, up to frame size 315M

Motors comply with BS, AS, IEC and NEMA standards
Motors can be tailored to customers' special requirements, including Class H insulation , inverter duty, special shaft extensions and dimensions, special mounting, special voltage and frequency, etc.

18 Chin Bee Drive, Singapore 619865
Phone: 65- 6265-2988, 6265-4622
Fax: 65-6265-7354
E-mail: sd@teco.com.sg
Website: www.teco.com.sg

TECO Electric & Machery (Pte) Ltd.

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