Su, Director, Power Business Group

1. What is your role and tasks at TECO?

I currently serve as the manager of the Southern District of the Power Business Division, leading a group of professional members. Our task is to achieve the operational goals set by the company, manage the construction of the Southern District project and be responsible for market development and observation, also, integrate the cross-business advantage of TECO, achieve higher goals and expand market share.

Watching the completion of each project, and seeing the team members growing up give me a great sense of achievement.

2. What do you like most about TECO?

I have spent more than 10 years with many of my colleagues. We understand each other so well and just like a big family. Good working relationships is my favorite part of working at TECO. Moreover, although the company is more than 60 years old, people still pursue breakthrough and innovation. Every time I look back, I find I was improved and grown up.

3. How would you describe TECO to others?

I am about to extend my 19th year at TECO. I have been through many ups and downs with the company. The reason I choose to stay here for so long time is because of the admirable corporate image of TECO.

Whenever I do business with people, I feel so proud to be a TECO employee. TECO has not only expanded to motors and engineering but also has a solid foundation in wind power, logistics and information technology. It is a good stage for young people to develop themselves on.