Ryan, R&D Team, ECO Energy Business Division

1. What is your role and tasks at TECO?

I am currently mainly responsible for R & D and design of TECO electric vehicle, which covers the planning of product life cycle from product simulation, design, verification and publishment. Also, forecast the product market demand and risk management. Our newly developed smart car are with green efficiency and technology elements so that customers can feel the revolutionary touching of TECO electric car by riding and driving it.

2. What do you like most about TECO?

I like the flexible business strategy of TECO which makes me feel standing on the wisdom and green energy strategic platform. Each department co-works to solve difficult problems professionally. So that we can keep creating the product beyond customer’s expectations.

3. How would you describe TECO to others?

Employees at TECO have good cross-field observation and broad vision. As long as you uphold positive thinking and eager for change; you will keep inspiring your own creativity.

Employees at TECO won’t be afraid of facing difficulties. We encounter problems and find out appropriate method quickly because we usually receive a variety of learning and training thinking. The sense of accomplishment of finishing the tasks is the driving force behind the challenges in the future.