Joan, Sale Team, Household Appliances Group

1. What is your role and tasks at TECO?

My main job is in charge of household appliances e-commerce, including business promotion, marketing design, product design. Taiwan e-commerce market is still in the growing stage. In order to keep up with the pace of growth in the new channel, TECO not only keeps the traditional appliances, but also constantly introduces the latest household appliance products, and creates new channels.

E-commerce transaction takes place 24 hours a day. The pace is very fast. We need to provide products to customers in time, and also clearly explain the product’s function in the online store, so that we can get a deal done. Therefore, if we want to get into a new market, we need to work out the marketing and advertisement. This is a very challenging work.

2. What do you like most about TECO?

I like this work environment. Colleagues relationship is quite well. When I encounter some problems, every department will try to help, and managers and senior colleagues will give me their opinions at the right time. I learn a lot here, and it really helps me to expand my knowledge of product management. What’s the best? My colleagues and managers can accept my new ideas while solving the problem. And I have the chance to implement my ideas in the real situation.

With my interests and professional knowledge, I have many opportunities to challenge myself and participate in many projects during my time in the company. This is a business which grows together with its employees. Although the company has been established for more than 60 years, it’s still a flexible but not conservative organization.

3. How would you describe TECO to others?

TECO gives people an impression of an evergreen company. However, after I joined this team, I found that the company is constantly developing more elaborate policies and methods to run this business. As the market changes, we continuously adjust our product and channel strategies. Working in this company can rapidly develop ourselves. Our work content is abundant and challenging so that it enriches our everyday life. It is a good work environment that every colleague exerts his/her own expertise.