Jesse, Staff team, Human Resources Center

1. What is your role and tasks at TECO?

I am the manager of Compensation & Benefit Department, Human Resources Center. Our main job is to manage the compensation, including monthly salary, annual bonus, and raising salary. Also, managing the expatriates and supporting of affiliated companies are our main jobs. At the same time, we are responsible for the most concerned issue recently-the related policy of one fixed day off and one flexible rest day, which causes many challenges to us.

2. What do you like most about TECO?

Career can be described as a marathon. It is all about speed and endurance. It looks like every runner runs alone. However with the same goal, we are a team which collaborates and supports each other. At TECO, there are always a group of managers and great partners always support you, so this is the first reason why I love TECO.

TECO is a conglomerate and a trans industrial company, so we have more chances to contact with overseas businesses and develop cross-Industry cooperation. In addition, I was grateful for the chance my boss gave me to be a lecturer in the company, and I was very honor to give speeches at affiliated companies in China during 2017. For me, it iss another career development, and I passionately shared my knowledge and experience. Don’t put limitations to yourself in this place. Always try to think positive, challenge yourself, and think about what your colleagues and managers need. Being open-minded and being ready to contribute yourself to company, you will have opportunities to create more possibilities. This is another reason why I love here.

3. How would you describe TECO to others?

TECO is a practical company with competitive and innovative. We have comprehensively reached out to the world, operated across the industry, and provided a perfect stage for younger generation. We hope more young people will join us and energize the company, so we can face the next six decades together.