Jeff, Sale Team, System & Automation Products Group

1. What is your role and tasks at TECO?

I am the manager of Project Business Department, System & Automation Products Group. I am responsible for PLC, and the products of my division. My main jobs include product market positioning, pricing strategies, inventory management and product promotion. I also have to help salesperson to visit clients, and collect important market information. My goals are to provide solutions to clients, solve problems successfully, and increase market share.

2. What do you like most about TECO?

TECO provides multiple learning opportunities, including professional training, language training, and management courses . These give us chances to meet people from the other departments, and interact with them. Our managers and senior colleagues also provide their experience and suggestions in time. My colleagues are all highly self-demanding. In this flexible organization, everyone can find self-worth by planning their future development.

3. How would you describe TECO to others?

TECO gives people a positive image with innovation and diversification that our clients can rely on us. By creating the business vision, employees know what target they should reach. This inspires their enthusiasm and contribute collaboration. If you are willing to devote yourself to your work, develop your full potential, challenge yourself, and be persistent, TECO is a right place for demonstrating yourself.