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¡´ Direct Current motors are ideally suited to a multitude of industrial applications in which high torque and variable speed are required.


Market Served TOP

1. Metals (Steel Rolling Mills, Aluminum Rolling Mills)
2. Chemicals (Polyester Film, Extruder, Agitators)
3. Mining (Hoists, Draglines, Sag Mills)
4. Paper Machinery, Sugar Industry
5. Special Applications


Type of DC Motors TOP

1. Series
2. Shunt
3. Compound


Standards: TOP



Supply Scope TOP

1/2 ~ 3,000 HP (0.4 ~ 2,200 KW)
500 ~ 1,800 RPM (Base Speed)


Enclosure TOP

IP 23, IP 44, IP 54, IP 55


Cooling TOP

IC06, IC37, IC0666, ICW37A86


DC Controllers / Control Panels TOP

Digital or Analogs, 2Q or 4Q,
Armature Current Ratings (Adc): 3A ~ 2700A,
Armature Voltage: 150 ~ 750 Vdc


Special requirements on either DC motors or DC control Panels may be provided on request. TOP



Please connect to the web site of TECO Control and System Business Group for more information of DC motor. TOP


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