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Technology Development Division

Established: 1979
Shop Floor Area: 3,520 sq. meter

Main products:
We can provide you with every need in industrial automation.
Press punching die & aluminum die-casting mold.
Pressure die-casting machines: 350 tons, 650tons, 800 tons.
Manufacturing facilities and special tooling for CRT.
Automatic winding & inserting machines for magnet wire.
Automated systems & Robotic applications.

High-precision mold design, machining and assembly.
Various mechatronics systems and automated equipment integration.
Application of Robotics in automation.
Application of vacuum technology.
Manufacturing and maintenance for information and semiconductor equipment, parts and accessories.

11 An-Tung Rd., Chung-Li Industrial District,
Tao-Yuan County, Taiwan.
Phone: 886-3-452-5101
Fax: 886-3-452-5113

Chung Li Plant I
Chung Li Plant II
Foundry Plant
Technology Development Division

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