System & Automation Products

TECO produces System & Automation Products are capable of offering forward-looking automated industrial application services, including servo-driving technology, PLC and HMI human-machine interface, and smart solutions, which can meet the needs of flexibility, energy saving, and high performance of production lines, leading to higher output and performance in industrial production.

We have served customers with automated systems in various fields, including iron/steel plants, foodstuff/beverage plants, textile plants, and OEM plants. To meet customers' industry 4.0 needs, the electric-control division will continue providing innovative products, complete presale/after-sale technological services, and real-time product application technological solutions, helping customers upgrade their productivity with our specific or integrated system solutions.

Alternating-current servo driving system (SVO)

Alternating-current servo driving system (SVO)

AC servo driving system (SVO) TECO's G2-series servo driving system (SVO) boasts excellent response and ultra-thin design, topnotch electric-current circuit control technology coupled with 1.5KHZ high-response bandwidth, high-resolution 23-bits encoder, support for full-closed circuit design, and all-round "auto-tuning" function for professional servo software, capable of supporting customers' plural integrated system applications.

TECO's G2-series servo driving system boasts built-in dedicated parameters for cam, turret, and tool magazine and high-speed communications interfaces EtherCAT and CANopen, meeting the demands of high compatibility and high synchronous motion control boosting capacity, which facilitates the formulation of Industry 4.0 motion-control solutions.

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

AP series PLC offers basic/application command for complete standard computing and built-in 200k Hz high-speed counting and pulse output functions, driver for controlling servo or stepping motor, and tweening function support for straight line and arc, PID automatic control function is applicable in temperature, humidity, or constant-pressure control, and be coupled with inverter in application achieving energy saving, and communications expansion cards and modules. The series is new-generation products with rapid command and topnotch quality.


Human-machine interface (HMI)

HMI employs highly reliable CPU and 2D graphics accelerator, supports XP-Win 10 operating system, provides various sizes (4.3"-15") for choice and abundant communications interfaces (Modbus, Ethernet), and is coupled with RTOS real-time operating system, greatly boosting the efficacy and efficiency of human/machine operation. In addition, it is IP66-grade water- and dust-proof, passes CE and UL certifications, contains professional integrated-edit software, employs multi-language UI and applications, and supports dynamic data display for complicated application programs, capable of effectively grasping the operating system of equipment in real time. Moreover, it boasts multiple functions, including Barcode USB interface, e-mail alert, VNC-enabled remote control, support for PCs, tablet PCs, mobile-phone ios and Android system, real-time alert and digital display, and historical-trend chart, as a substitute for multi-function grapher. TECO electric control offers visualized integrated system solutions, giving customers the optimal option.



Robots boast multiple applications on the market now, including pallet transport, visualized picking, welding, and auxiliary shaft. Robotic arms are applicable in transporting goods, recognizing products, and welding products. Coupled with TECO servo system and high-resolution motors, the robotic arms support various robotic structures, including SCARA, Delta, six- or four-axis pallet articulated robot, XYZ and motion platform, capable of application in automated production lines for various fields. Control application is coupled with high-performance 1.66GHz Intel CPU for controlling eight-axis integrated controller, thereby achieving high-speed computing and supporting various robotic structures, such as Delta, SCARA, Cartesian (XY, XYZ, XYZA, XYZAB), articulated arm, and palletizing robot, materializing all-round integrated product applications.

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