TECO Chairperson Sophia Chiu Acknowledged as "Future MVP Manager of the Year"


Sophia Chiu, chairperson of TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd. , has been awarded with the honor of " future MVP manager of the year," for her management capability and performance, plus her innovative approach, which has opened up a new path and vision for related industries in Taiwan, worthy of emulation by professional managers.

Chiu won the honor of future MVP manager 2017, which was publicized on Dec. 1, 2017, in an annual event organized by Manager Today monthly.

The honor is another acknowledgement of Chiu's extraordinary achievement in pushing corporate governance since taking over the helm of the company in 2015, for which the company has hit top 5% in corporate-governance evaluation for three years in a row, in addition to the honors of Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Awards for four years running and corporate citizen award organized by Commonwealth magazine for six years running. Chiu points out that along with the quest for sales and profits, TECO has adhered to the concept of integrity-oriented management, materializing corporate governance, fulfilling social responsibility, and attaining sustainable development, so as to faithfully play the role of a corporate citizen.

As Taiwan's largest motor producer and the world's third largest, TECO has dedicated to the development of high-efficiency motors IE3 and IE4, as well as application of smart technology and industrial automation, such as transformation of all production lines to smart ones at Chungli factory and establishment of smart automated production lines for high-efficiency motors, in line with the concept of Productivity 4.0. Chair Sophia Chiu remarks that as a company in traditional industry, TECO can take advantage of its experience and technology in smart manufacturing to offer most effective and cost-saving method helping small and medium-enterprises transform their factory into smart and automated ones.

"Future MVP manager" is a new honor for the "MVP manager of the year" event, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the event, with the purpose of manifesting future trend, which can be embodied by TECO's smart factory inaugurated this year, under the orchestration of Sophia Chiu.

Ms. Sophia Chiu graduated from the School of Commerce, National Taiwan University, before obtaining a master degree for accounting from National Chengchi University and MBA from the University of Michigan. Former vice president for business at the Taipei branch of ABN AMRO, Chiu joined the management team of TECO in 1997, experiencing the stints of director of financial department, assistant president for home-appliances division, vice president, and president. In 2008, she took over the chairmanship of Asia Pacific Telecom in 2008, when it was mired in red ink. Before she relieved the duty in 2014, she had staged a turnaround for the company, with its revenue expanding by 1.8 times and market value more than tripling. After becoming TECO chairperson in 2015, she has led the company marching towards Productivity 4.0, under the goal of "energy conservation, emission reduction, smart application, and automation."