TECO Drives a Smarter Future with Smart Factory Solutions


The World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) has been known as the Olympic Games of ICT. After 17 years, Taiwan was once again chosen to host the event in 2017. The event was launched on September 10 and closed with success on September 13. TECO Electric & Machinery Co. Ltd. (TECO), one of the world’s top 3 manufacturers of industrial motors, not only sponsored the event, but also showcased a series of integrated smart systems. TECO teamed up with its subsidiaries, including Tecom, YATEC and ITTS, to present the infinite possibilities of integrated solutions brought forth by IoT, big data, integration of hardware and software as well as the Cyber Physical System. Under the theme of “Smart Factory”, TECO seamlessly integrated the smart products developed within the Group, ranging from smart motors, smart production lines, factory energy efficiency to smart production equipment health management, offering the optimal solutions for factory upgrades into the stage of smart production.

In this year's WCIT, TECO participated in the Smart Manufacturing Forum to share its experiences with international manufacturers and showcased a series of smart factory solutions, including TECO's exclusive smart motor systems, mechanical and electrical equipment health management systems, plant energy management systems and integrated applications for MES/ERP-related smart manufacturing at the exhibition site (D718). In recent years, TECO has been investing in the development of IoT and M2M related technologies, SAS and PAS cloud computing technology and service platforms, as well as the related applications, and considerable results have been achieved. The "Motor Fixer Automation Production Center" launched at TECO’s Zhongli Plant in June is the first “smart production line for flexible motor production” developed by TECO, which reduced the number of machines by 30%, cut production costs by 10%, and tripled the overall efficiency.

In the crisis of power shortage, achieving high energy efficiency becomes the top priority for many enterprises. TECO's subsidiary, YATEC, introduced a smart energy management system that can effectively reduce the demand for power during the peak hours and recommend the best combination of energy-saving equipment based on the characteristics of each individual factory to achieve maximum energy efficiency. ITTS launched smart factory solutions that are combined with SAP products to build the perfect factories for the clients. This service collects information and carries out real-time analysis on each machine through ME (manufacturing execution) to monitor production status and progress and achieve work-in-process synchronization, and MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) is used to integrate cross-system data to provide support for immediate decision-making. TECO's subsidiary, Tecom, introduced an integrated production equipment health management platform which can be installed on any existing industrial electromechanical equipment. This system uses IoT, mobile communication and big data technologies to monitor machine operations from any location and collects data on the operating trends and health status, as well as sending out alerts for preventive maintenance, to ensure that all machines are running in the best conditions.

TECO is committed to the development and production of energy-efficient electromechanical products. In recent years, the company has seen the changes in the market and transformed its operations from batch production to customization. Under the wave of Industry 4.0 led by Germany, these changes point to one trend, namely smart production, which will be the key to industrial upgrade, and integration of smart manufacturing technologies that provide smart factory solutions, and they will certainly bring new business opportunities to TECO.