TECO-Motech Launch Joint PV Power Station


A PV power station built jointly by TECO Electric and Machinery (TWSE stock code: 1504), and Matech Industries Inc. (TWSE stock code: 6244), Taiwan's leading PV cell manufacturer, a topnotch motor manufacturer worldwide, inaugurates its operation today (March 1, 2018).  

The project represents extension by Motech of its reach to the downstream sector and foray by TECO into the realm of PV-ESCO (energy service company), as they take advantage of their respective advantages to push the development of green energy together. 

The PV power station is situated in Guanyin of Taoyuan City, in northern Taiwan, with its power generation system being installed on the rooftops of the existing plant of Motech. Having secured license in Oct. 2017, the PV power station boasts PV modules spanning 0.9356 hectares in coverage, with 1.7 MW in total installation capacity, capable of generating 2.3 million kilowatts/hour a year, which will be sold to state-run Taiwan Power Company entirely.

It employs Motech's high-performance mono-si PV modules and TECO's 25/30 kW PV inverter, plus a cloud-end real-time monitoring/management system, capable of conducting precautionary operations timely, which can not only cut manpower cost for operation but boost power-generation income by 3-4%.

The power-station venture was set up by Motech and TECO, plus Tongan Investment Co., Ltd., a TECO subsidiary, in late 2016. Thanks to the experience of a professional EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) team in overall planning and installation, the project has been completed in a short time, including development , construction, and grid connection, and is expected to generate income from sales of power this year.

TECO dedicates to development of green energy

TECO has been pulling out all the stops in developing green energy in recent years.   In addition to continuous procurement of 1 M kilowatts/hour of green power a year, it plans to install extra PV power generation devices at its existing plants, including Guanyin first plant and Guanchi plant and may join hands with other investors in pushing PV power projects, aiming to attain 10 MW installation capacity in the first stage. Moreover, TECO now turns out a number of PV power components, including 3 kW/5 kW and 25 kW/30 kW PV power transformers, the former for small-scale and household PV power systems and the latter for PV power stations. TECO's PV power transformers can be coupled with WiFi modules, Ethernet, and Free RS485 in carrying out monitoring function. TECO has also been collecting operating data to help customers monitor and manage their PV devices.