Investor Activities

Title Date
Deutsche Securities- dbAccess Asia 2019, Singapore 2019/05/21 -2019/05/22
KGI Securities - Non Deal Road Show, Europe 2019/03/26 -2019/03/29
HSBC-HSBC Corporate Day, Hong Kong 2018/12/05 -2018/12/05
Waterland Security-WATERLAND Investment Forum 2018, Taipei 2018/11/20 -2018/11/20
HSBC-HSBC Taiwan Offshore Wind Energy Day, Taipei 2018/05/29
Horizon Securities- New Technology Investment Forum, Taipei 2018/05/25
Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation- TWSE Smart Machinery Conference, Taipei 2018/05/25
Deutsche Securities- dbAccess Asia Conference 2018, Singapore 2018/05/15 -2018/05/16
CMS-2018 Investment Forum, Shenzhen 2017/11/30
Daiwa-Daiwa Investment Conference Hong Kong 2017, Hong Kong 2017/11/09 -2017/11/10
Credit Suisse-18th Asian Technology Conference, Taipei 2017/09/06 -2017/09/07
Masterlink- 2H17 Taiwan Investment Forum, Taipei 2017/08/30
UBS- UBS Taiwan Conference 2017, Taipei 2017/06/23
Masterlink- Taiwan Corporate Day, Tokyo 2017/05/25 -2017/05/26
HSBC - HSBC Automation Tour, Taipei 2017/05/25
Deutsche Securities- dbAccess Asia Conference 2017, Singapore 2017/05/16 -2017/05/17
Bank of America Merrill Lynch- 2017 Asia Pacific Telecom, Media &Technology Conference, Taipei 2017/03/21 -2017/03/22
HSBC-HSBC Technology Day, Singapore& Hong Kong 2017/03/06 -2017/03/07
Credit Suisse-17th Annual Credit Suisse Asian Technology Conference, Taipei 2016/09/07
Deutsche Securities- dbAccess Taiwan Automation Corporate Day, Taipei 2016/06/22
Deutsche Securities- dbAccess Asia Conference 2016, Singapore Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016/05/23
2016 BofAML Taiwan, Technology & Beyond, Taipei 2016/03/14
BNP Paribas-BNP Paribas Auto & Machinery Corporate Day, Singapore 2015/12/03
Credit Suisse-16th Annual Asian Tech Conference, Taipei 2015/09/10
Daiwa-Daiwa Taipei Corporate Day, Singapore& Hong Kong 2015/09/08 -2015/09/11
Nomura-Taiwan Corporate Day,Taipei 2015/08/26
Morgan Stanley-Taiwan Emerging Growth Companies Day, Hong Kong& Singapore 2015/07/06
UBS-UBS Taiwan Conference 2015, Taipei 2015/06/22
Deutsche Bank-dbAccess Taiwan Automation & Component Corporate Day 2015/06/12
Deutsche Bank-dbAccess Asia 2015 2015/05/18
WATERLAND-WATERLAND Investment Forum 2015 2015/03/25
Bank of America Merrill Lynch- 2015 BofAML Taiwan, Technology & Beyond, Taipei 2015/03/17

IR Contacts

Stock Transfer Agency

Taishin International Bank, Stock Affairs Agency Department
Phone: 886-2-2504-8125
B1, 96 Jianguo N. Rd, Taipei City 104, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Shareholder Service

Mr. Kurt Wang
Phone: 886-2-2655-3333
Email: kurt@teco.com.tw
TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
5F, No. 19-9, San Chong Road, Nan-Kang
Taipei 115, Taiwan

Investor Relations Division

Miss Nina Liu
Phone: 886-2-2655-3333
Email: ir@teco.com.tw
TECO Electric & Machinery Co., Ltd.
5F, No. 19-9, San Chong Road, Nan-Kang
Taipei 115, Taiwan


A1. TECO was incorporated in June 1956 in Taipei, Taiwan.
A2. TECO's fiscal year starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.
A3. TECO is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) under the ticker number 1504. TECO's Global Depository Receipt (GDR) trades on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TCEMYP.
A4. The record date for the merger of TECO and Taian is September 30, 2003. The surviving company is TECO.
A5. TECO and Taian have a joint discussion of valuation approach and decided the share exchange ratio for the merger is 1.18 share of Taian exchanged for 1 share of TECO.
A6. According to the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, the company will first appropriate the distributable profit to legal reserve, 1% to 5% as bonus to Directors and Supervisors, 1% to 10% as employee bonus, and allocate 80% of the remaining profit, to which the undistributed profit in the previous year is added, as shareholder bonus. The shareholder bonus, as described above, in any particular year shall generally be made up of 50% of cash dividend and shall under no circumstances be less than 5%.
Please see below for dividends paid by TECO for the past 5 years.
Year of Dividend Paid
Year Share Dividend / per thousand shares Cash Dividend / per thousand shares
2017 - NT$0.88
2016 - NT$0.80
2015 - NT$1.10
2014 - NT$1.10
2013 - NT$1.00
A8. As of June 30, 2017, the capital of the Company amounted to NT$ 20,026,928, with par value of NT$10 per share. All shares issued are common shares.
A9. Please refer to any major finance websites. You may also check TECO's informal price record under ticker symbol "1504.tw". Please note that we are not responsible for the availability of or the content located on or through such third-party websites. This includes the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or legality of any information contained in any third-party sites.
A10. More information can be found at the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) English website by entering Teco’s stock code 1504. http://mis.tse.com.tw/Quotes/Best5?StkNo=1504&refresh=0
A11. For questions about transfers, address changes, loss announcements, dividends or other questions regarding your stock certificates, please contact our transfer agent. Transfer Agent:
Taishin International Bank, Stock Affairs Agency Department
Address: B1, 96 Jianguo N. Rd, Taipei City 104, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: 886-2-2504-8125
Website: www.tsc.com.tw
A12. The exercising of the right to vote is expressed item by item in Rules Governing Shareholders’ Meeting. Investors can take part in the AGM in person or grant a proxy authorizing another person to exercise the right to vote. In addition, the investor can also exercise in written form or by electronic shareholder voting.
Written form is accepted by Taishin International Bank, Stock Affairs Agency Department whose address is at B1, 96 Jianguo N. Rd, Taipei City 104, Taiwan.
As for electronic shareholder voting, please log in e-vote platform on www.stockvote.com.tw
The result of AGM is announced on TECO’s website. Please see http://www.teco.com.tw/stocker2_4.asp.