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TECO Air-conditioning Division has been devoting to enhance the life quality for our people in Taiwan. In the past few decades, according to the growth and transformation in Taiwan's industrial and commercial field, TECO always has secured all walks of life with the most needed product choices with good quality of services. A variety of items have been brought out, including water-cooled package air-conditioners at the first phase which was immediately followed by the multiple units designed for the residential complex; central air-conditioning systems for plants, hotels, hospitals and KTV's; air doors for the convenience stores to help them save substantially on electricity bills; air-cooled split types for chain stores and schools; centrifuges for hi-tech plants and warehouses. Up till this moment, TECO has become a well-known manufacturer who produces a wide spectrum of air conditioners, which provide customers with an all-round solution.

Ever since Taiwan entered WTO, we, as a local manufacturer, have managed to offer the highest quality service to the local people. In addition, in light of the trend of industries transplanting to China, we have established plenty of manufacturing factories as well as selling outlets in China, in the hope that Taiwanese in China will receive as good services as they had in Taiwan. For the time being, we have set up several bases of sales and business presence in Dongguan, Chungchin, Xiamen, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.. Centered on these bases, we will develop a closely woven network of services in the near future. Our ultimate goal is to convince customers with the idea: Once you choose TECO, you won't have any worries later on.

TECO has grown to be better rounded and powerful with years going by. In the future, to insure our leading position in the industry, we will strive to broaden the horizon of the current business and keep in step with the world trend, so as to reach our services to people worldwide.

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